The incredible figure earned on “Fenerbahçe Token” has been announced

One of Turkey’s biggest sports clubs Fenerbahcetook a step towards crypto money and agreed with Paribu for “Fenerbahçe Token”.

This deal seems to be very profitable for the company. Because with the statement made on the Public Disclosure Platform, From token pre-sale full 268.5 million TL income was reported.

In a separate statement previously made to the Public Disclosure Platform, it was stated that Paribu or Stoken committed a minimum revenue of 175 million TL in accordance with the contract made with Stoken, a Paribu subsidiary.

At the launch of the token, Bloomberg told HT speaking Paribu CEO Yasin Oral stated that the pre-sale of 500 thousand tokens at 30 liras has been completed, and almost all of the tokens sold for 15 TL, provided that they are not transferred for 9 months, have been sold.

The first statement for Fenerbahçe Token was as follows

“Within the scope of this cooperation with Paribu, our fans, who are the greatest strength of our Fenerbahçe, will be offered the opportunity to own crypto assets, which are defined as fan tokens.

With this new step of our club, the interaction of our fans with our club will increase and our loyalty-oriented communication will be strengthened. After the token goes on sale, it can be purchased 24/7 on Paribu.

“Wherever Fenerbahce is, its fans are there” our fans said; They will have the opportunity to have a say in certain steps regarding our club by participating in fan voting, special events to be held in our stadium, and meetings to be held with our team and athletes.

Our fans, who have tokens, will share the unique excitement with experiences ranging from the digital world to reality, and will have the opportunity to be the closest to Fenerbahçe.

Our club, which shows its difference in every field it is involved in with the power of its fans, is the equivalent of records; As one of the dynamics of the new world, it will show its difference in the world of crypto assets, which attracts all attention in the world and in our country!

In every condition and opportunity ‘Mazim Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce Tomorrow’ Our great supporters, who are the exact equivalent of their word, will be with our Club in this step, which is very important for Fenerbahçe’s present and future!”

You can get detailed information about Fenerbahçe Token directly. from here you can reach. Many steps are being taken in Turkey regarding crypto money, but you know, a serious legal regulation is on the way.

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