The next victim of the chip crisis; Stellantis stops production

The last name affected by the global chip crisis, which is growing day by day, is the famous automobile group. stellantis it happened.

world’s largest car from groups One of them, Stellantis, got into trouble with a chip crisis. Stellantis, which was born from the merger of FCA and PCA groups, is suspending production at its light commercial vehicle factory in Italy. The facility will remain closed next week unless a new decision is taken.

Almost seven thousand workers work at the factory, which produces 250,000 light commercial vehicles a year. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares added to the concerns by saying that the semiconductor shortage could drag on next year.

On the other hand, a statement came from the union, which includes the workers at the factory. Syndicate “It is clear that the effects of this shortage of supply could affect workers in all other assembly plants like Melfi.” he stated.


Like Stellantis, Toyota was also affected by the crisis.

Toyota Turkey CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt, on the subject, said, “Since the beginning of the year, we have always stated that the chip crisis creates a supply problem and may turn into an even wider problem. This risk has always been present. There is a possibility that this crisis will deepen even further, and this may have consequences that will hurt the entire industry much more deeply.

Our hope is that this semiconductor chip crisis can be resolved before it gets worse. With the change in the base, it will be possible not to meet the increasing demand with falling prices. However, as a brand, we are not in a position to update our forecasts at the beginning of the year. ” he had declared.

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