The xCloud system is coming to Xbox consoles; cloud gaming everywhere

Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming service xCloud, Coming to Xbox consoles towards the end of the year. Firm cloud game everywhere brings.

For those who don’t know xCloud service is a service that allows Xbox games to be played over the internet. persons to use the service. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and high speed Wi-Fi or LTE It is sufficient to have access to the connection.

Xbox Cloud Gaming The service, which is also referred to as , will soon come to Xbox consoles, as we said above. Full support here Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be offered for

Xbox Cloud Gaming so in short xCloud, especially for the older generation Xbox One it’s very nice. In this way, people will be able to play new generation games fluently in high resolution / quality, even over the internet.

Xbox Series X hardware is directly included in xCloud’s infrastructure. Lots of Series X pieces come together in servers. That’s why you might think it’s ridiculous that xCloud is coming to Series X.

Most people think the opposite. Because you don’t need to download games in xCloud’s infrastructure. In this way, you can start playing a newly released game immediately, even if it is online.

For people who can access the console in a limited time, quick access to the games is a real boon. This system is also very useful for trying games before purchasing them.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers over 100 games based on Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud). New games are added to the system all the time.


Microsoft xCloud service will also be available in Turkey

It is known that Microsoft Turkey is actively working on this issue, but still not much detailed information is given. As we always say, this service has a very high chance in Turkey. Because it has become incredibly expensive to assemble a good computer in Turkey.

In addition, one of the best aspects of xCloud is that unlike competitors, there is no need to purchase games. In this way, you can spend a very pleasant time with many games in the Game Pass catalog at an affordable price.

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