Titanfall 2 is in trouble with hackers again

Unable to find peace from hacker attacks, Titanfall 2 was attacked yesterday that required users to delete the game. Respwan says “keep calm”.

It would not be wrong to say that Titanfall 2’s nose does not get rid of the dirt. To draw attention to the use of cheats in the game before Titanfall players Apex LegendsThey tried to hack and make their voices heard. The final point in Titanfall’s war with cheaters and hackers requires players not to open the game.

Last night Titanfall Forever In a message shared by the Twitter account named -and currently unreachable-, it was announced that hackers have taken over the admin panel of Titanfall 2 and Apex Legend servers, and if the game is entered, not only your account, but also your computer or console will be at the mercy of hackers.

Respawn advises Titanfall 2 players to stay calm

According to Respawn, which states that the problem is being investigated, there is nothing to worry about. But until the problem is resolved, it was stated that players may experience crashing problems due to the crack in the server. The servers of the two Titanfall games are also under such intense hacker attack that the first game is stated to be unplayable.

Similar hacker attack before CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2′had affected. Respawn states that there is no problem that will require players to delete the game, that the problem they are trying to solve is an attack that will cause the game to crash.

Titanfall Forever account, “Don’t open Titanfall 2, delete the game!” He deleted his tweet and thanked Respawn for taking care of the issue.

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