Turkey prices of the iPhone 13 family have been announced; here are all the numbers

Apple just now iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max introduced the models. The prices of the phones in Turkey are also immediately known. it happened.

The official prices of the family announced by Apple Turkey are exactly as follows:

iPhone 13 mini:

128GB: 10,999 TL
256GB: 11.999 TL
512GB: 13,999 TL

iPhone 13:

128GB: 11,999 TL
256GB: 12.999 TL
512GB 14.999 TL

iPhone 13 Prhe:

128GB: 15.999 TL
256GB: 16,999 TL
512GB: 18.999 TL
1TB: 20,999 TL

iPhone 13 Pro Max:

128GB: 17.999 TL
256GB: 18.999 TL
512GB: 20,999 TL
1TB: 22,999 TL

The phones will be available for pre-order on September 24 in Turkey. Sales will begin on October 1st. So it will not be expected much for phones.


Turkey prices of the iPhone 13 family, of course, breathed

What were the prices like for the old models? to remember iPhone 12 Mini The full price of the model in Turkey for 64 GB 9,999 TL, for 128GB 10,499 TL, if for 256GB 11,499 TL was level. The main model of persons iPhone 12for 64GB 10.999 TL, for 128GB 11,499 TL, if for 256GB 12,499 TL had to give.

apple, iPhone 12 Pro for 128GB model in Turkey 14.999 TL, for 256GB 15.999 TL, if for 512GB 17.999 TL price has been determined. Giant model at the top of the family 12 Pro Max for 128GB 16.999 TL, for 256GB 17.999 TL, if for 512GB 19.999 TL with price tags.

The chances of the new iPhones at these prices are quite low in the Turkish market. Let’s not skip the models without giving their prices abroad. Starting price for 13 mini 699 dollars, starting price for 13 799 dollars, starting price for 13 Pro 999 dollars, starting price for 13 Pro Max $1,099.

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