Two new electric motorcycle models attracting attention from CAKE

electric motorcycle one of the most distinctive names in the market CAKE, this time, two new models for general urban use introduced.

Although not as much as before, we continue to see it on the roads.scooter” reminiscent of the style of the models, but in a more modern line. CAKE signed new electric motorcycle Makka Flex, As we said above, it focuses directly on use for the city.

3.6 kW with electric motor 45km/h 60 kg, which can reach a speed that will be sufficient for many people, such as Makka Flex, With 48V and 31Ah (1.5 kWh) battery packs, it brings a maximum range of 50 km depending on usage.

Although the range is not overly flexible, the motorcycle, which is still sufficient for urban use, also has a 25km/h speed and 60 km range offering Makka Range version has.

your CAKE Makka Series electric motorcycle As you can see, the models come with disc brakes, built-in lighting, load carrying compartment, wide seat for comfortable driving, suspension system and information display.


Two new electric motorcycles by CAKE made a splash

your $3,800 The motorcycle, which has a price just below, will be an accessible option, especially in the European market. We hope that one day CAKE’s models will be officially offered for sale in the Turkish market.

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