Useful new Spotify feature ‘enrich’ is now available in Turkey

Popular service leading the online music market SpotifyToday, many markets including Turkey “enrichbrought.

Spotify social media whose latest first tests started a long time ago listening infrastructure. both free and paid”premium” made a sound when it started offering it globally for subscribers.

Now for personal playlists “enrich” option is available. As we said above Turkey This feature, which comes in many markets, especially in many markets, actually explains itself with its name.

Enrich option added to the top of personal playlists using special algorithms automatically adds music you like to the playlist you create.

In this way, the music list you create grows with just one click, and it is basically enriched. The company briefly explains this feature as follows:

“Enrich your playlist with suggested songs. Suggestions are updated daily”

Spotifyenriched playlists for users to understand the process easily.enrichedHe also puts the phrase “. The feature is expected to get even better in the future as more people use it.



What are the latest numbers for Spotify?

Biggest competitor in the market Apple Music widening the gap with Spotify, the number of monthly active users according to the recent statement. 365 million level has been raised. If the number of paid subscribers of the service is 165 million managed to see the level.

Here, compared to the same period of the same year, there is a 22 percent increase in active users and a 20 percent increase in the number of paid subscribers. This, of course, puts a smile on the face of the company.

In addition to all, the firm last month Spotify Plus It also came up with the package. per month only for 1 dollar We expect the package that will enable premium Spotify subscribers to be 8 TL or 9 TL in Turkey when it comes out.

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