What features do phones with foldable screens stand out with?


How did you divide the audience of Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3? Which phone is for whom?

We designed the Galaxy Z Fold3 for productivity and efficiency seekers. It can quickly perform many applications or tasks at the same time. Galaxy Z Fold3, which has an uninterrupted 7.6 inch Infinitely Flexible Display, can also provide its users with a real pen experience on the digital screen with the S Pen that they can purchase. Galaxy Z Flip3 is an iconic product of ours. It stands out with its compact and pocketable design when folded, advanced camera features and an even enlarged display on the front cover that makes it easy to use on the go.

Why should a user buy phones with foldable screens?

Actually, we didn’t fold the phone, we changed the shape of the phone so that it can meet the needs of the users faster. Liberating the phone’s format so that it can take different forms also multiplies the number of benefits the user can derive from the phone. In this way, the user becomes adaptable to the user, not the phone. Thus, we can promise an ideal union where individuals will feel much more comfortable and productive while working, having fun, producing or consuming content. Our viewers using these phones can easily continue to perform different operations on the same screen while watching their favorite content on Youtube. For example, a mother can do her online shopping on the same screen while watching her baby on the phone. While an employee is connected to the meeting via their phone, they can take meeting notes with the S Pen on the screen and reply to their e-mails on the other hand. Or, a user who wants to broadcast on social media or organize private conversations can use these phones very comfortably without the need for any other apparatus.

Can you talk about the camera technology embedded in the screen? How was this technology developed?


Our Galaxy Z Fold3 smartphone has the main cameras and the selfie camera on the front cover screen, as well as the under-screen camera on the big screen. We are able to “magically” hide the under-screen selfie camera in the viewed image to enhance the users viewing experience on the big screen and ensure screen integrity. In this way, consumers can use the immersive 7.6-inch Infinity Flexible Display when they open it, without getting caught in the details that will disturb their eyes.

The prices of phones with foldable screens are at high levels. How does Samsung see the future of these phones?


Considering that technology changes every phenomenon in our lives very quickly, it would be a mistake to expect smartphones to be excluded from this transformation. For this reason, I consider devices with foldable screens as the beginning of a never-ending journey. We are in a period similar to the one we live in, with the transition from a fixed phone to a mobile phone, from a desktop computer to a laptop computer. A new era is beginning in the consumer electronics market with our new foldable smartphones that we have introduced. At a time when designs are very similar to each other, we are entering the market with an important innovation. As foldable screens become more common and consumers get used to the benefits of these technologies, other industries will inevitably want to create value through this benefit. We will see that these technologies are implemented not only in phones but also in other devices we use at home.

What are the biggest differences between these phones compared to previous Samsung models?


Thanks to the new Under-Screen Camera technology of Galaxy Z Fold3, users can watch the content on the 7.6-inch Infinitely Flexible Display without interruption. Thanks to the minimum pixel application on the under-screen selfie camera on the main screen, Galaxy Z Fold3’s users watch a video on the main screen, while the camera aligns itself with the scene and disappears. Thanks to the new Eco display technology, the device consumes less energy, although the screen brightness is 29 percent higher. Super-Smooth 120Hz adaptive refresh rate is now available on both the Home Screen and Cover Screen, providing smoother navigation and faster device interaction. In addition, we made the S Pen technology of the popular Note Series available for the Galaxy Z Fold3, breaking a new ground in the Galaxy Z Series. Users can now benefit from fully optimized pen features on their foldable screens, which adapt to multitasking on the go with the S Pen.

Productivity-seeking users can opt for the Galaxy Z Fold3’s new advanced Flexible Mode features that enable more tasks. A user making a video call on the top screen of the smartphone will be able to view the meeting notes at the bottom. Thanks to the Galaxy Z Fold3’s updated Multi-Active Window feature, it will be able to check its calendars while planning dinner with notes on the device’s large screen. Thanks to the improved App Pair, it will be able to reopen the applications in the same way by creating a shortcut. In addition, thanks to the new Taskbar of Galaxy Z Fold3, you can quickly switch between applications without having to return to the Home Screen.


As for the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G… Thanks to the redesigned four times wider Cover Display, notifications and messages can now be viewed without turning the device on. Users can check their daily plans, weather, daily step count with improved cover screen Widgets. Galaxy Z Flip3 is also designed to view and share memories. With the Galaxy Z Flip3, which includes Samsung’s most advanced camera features, users can take stunning selfies hands-free in Flexible Mode. To take a quick photo, you can press the phone’s power button twice and use the Quick Capture feature to instantly shoot without turning on the device, and even shoot videos. Scrolling and sharing are now super-smooth, too, thanks to the new 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

What is the level of interest in phones with foldable screens in the Turkish market?


All consumers in Turkey see smartphones as an indispensable part of business and daily life. When buying a smartphone, it usually prefers to have the latest technologies. We’re seeing more and more consumers understand the value of foldable devices. We expect our new foldable smartphones to be in greater demand from consumers with their further enhanced features.

We see our foldable screen devices as the devices of the future. Of course, when it comes to the future, it is also very important to think about the future of our world. Without a livable world in the future, the development of technology will have no meaning. For this reason, I can say that it is critical for us to follow a business model that respects nature while developing our technologies. As a matter of fact, we recently announced that we are launching a new initiative on a global scale called “Galaxy for the Planet”. Accordingly, we aim to ensure that recycled materials are used in all mobile products by 2025. We also aim to completely abandon the use of plastic, reduce standby power consumption in smartphone chargers, and zero the amount of waste going to landfills by the same date.

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