What should we expect for the Apple Watch Series 7? Here is the answer;

Apple Watch Series 7 We meet the smart watch series next month. So what should we expect for the model? Here is the last answers;

Apple Watch Series 7 you know the models, two different versions (41mm and 45mm) and directly carries the above design. The latest China-based smartwatch, whose clones are on sale, is on the agenda this time with the explanation of Mark Gurman.

According to Gurman, the biggest difference of the new smartwatch will be its new design. Gurman clearly states that there will be no major technical innovations or a new health sensor in the model.

Apple, which will focus specifically on the new design for the new watch, has prepared new watch interfaces specifically for this new design and growing bodies. It is not yet known how these will happen, but a huge innovation is not on the agenda in this regard.

In this respect, the new smart watch will only make a difference in design, and therefore it will most likely be a model that most people will not buy. However, the new design is still expected to attract attention and get die-hard Apple fans excited about the purchase.


Expect high for models coming in 2022, not Apple Watch Series 7

From Apple suppliers Rockley Photonics, made an important announcement last month and an advanced digital health sensor came from the company. There is a possibility that this sensor will be actively used in the upcoming Apple Watch models in 2022. So what can this sensor measure?

In order to remember, the body temperature of the sensor suitable for smart watches, Blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, glucose / glucose / glucose and the ability to measure / determine more. The sensor, which provides continuous measurement with its optical system, follows a different path than its counterparts during measurement, as far as it is reported.

For measurement on many smartwatch models (including Apple Watches) green LEDWhen using ‘s, Rockley Photonics signature new sensor system “infrared spectrophotometer” uses.

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