Why is the iPhone 13 family sold so expensive in Turkey? Here is the answer;

Consisting of four different models iPhone 13 Why is his family sold so expensive in Turkey? Here is the answer that is clearly revealed;

iPhone 13 His family is really very expensive in Turkey. Considering current living conditions, for a smartphone The starting price of 11 thousand TL is really at the “extreme” level. So what exactly is behind this? Let’s explain:

Behind these prices current exchange rates is located. If Apple determines the price of phones in Turkey in dollars, now 1 US Dollar equals 8.44 Turkish Lira. If Apple determines the price of phones in Turkey in dollars 1 Euro is equal to 9.96 Turkish Lira. These are quite high numbers, as everyone will admit.

Also, it’s not 100 percent certain, but for Apple Turkey it’s always “sets dollar/euro rate higher than normal” comment is made. The reason for this is not known exactly, but by determining the high figure from the beginning, there is no need for price updates in future exchange rate increases. Of course, there isn’t a huge difference here.

With the current exchange rates, the prices of the iPhone 13s have increased significantly before they even entered Turkey. E.g 999 dollars found the price iPhone 13 Pro, already fully 8,428.96 Turkish Liras it happened. So what happens when phones enter Turkey legally through customs?

From smartphones in Turkey during customs TRT + Cultural Fund, SCT, VAT and some other legal taxes/fees being received. Apple’s official site located in According to the information, the iPhone 13 Pro 15.999 TLwithin the selling price of 7,196,00 TL VAT and legal fees” exists.

This figure is 22,999 TL with 1 TB of storage. 13 Pro Max for approx. 9,279.00 TL. 128GB for 10,999 TL 13 minifrom about 4,682.00 TL VAT and legal fees are charged.

This is exactly why iPhones, as well as other smart phones and electronic products are sold very expensive in Turkey.


The net Turkey prices of the iPhone 13 family are as follows:

13 mini:

128GB: 10,999 TL
256GB: 11.999 TL
512GB: 13,999 TL


128GB: 11,999 TL
256GB: 12.999 TL
512GB 14.999 TL

13 Pro:

128GB: 15.999 TL
256GB: 16,999 TL
512GB: 18.999 TL
1TB: 20,999 TL

13 Pro Max:

128GB: 17.999 TL
256GB: 18.999 TL
512GB: 20,999 TL
1TB: 22,999 TL

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