Witcher anime movie Nightmare of the Wolf released on Netflix

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, a Witcher anime movie set in the Witcher universe, has been released on Netflix.

We saw a new trailer and release date at the first WitcherCon event that was held The Witcher: Nightmare of the WolfReleased on Netflix as of 10:00 pm today. The Witcher anime movie, which tells the life story of Vesemir, is 1 hour and 23 minutes long. The anime movie, which Witcher fans will love to watch, is about the struggle of the Witchers to survive and the hatred of the Witcher. In addition, let us warn that in the following parts of our article, various spoilers may be mentioned about the movie.

Witcher anime movie Nightmare of the Wolf released on Netflix

We see Vesemir’s childhood and youth in the movie, which you can love even if you have never watched an anime or anime movie before. Although Netflix made minor changes to the Witcher universe while making this movie and added their own interpretations to the event, it is really pleasing to see that this type of Witcher content has increased.

In the Witcher anime, we see the Witcher Vesemir first met and Deglan, the person who made him a Witcher, as we watch the difficulties and brutality of the process of transforming children into a Witcher. In addition, some of the parts in the story of the universe, where some magicians and clergy organized and deceived the ignorant people with various books, leaflets and speeches on the street, and organized against the Witchers, are also included in the movie. From today, you can watch the anime movie about one of the most curious stories of the Witcher universe. You can watch with Netflix.

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