Xiaomi has announced a big event. So what’s coming?

According to the official post, Xiaomi is holding a big product announcement event on September 15. Multiple new products from the company at this event Waiting.

It is not yet clear what will come from Xiaomi on September 15. But of course, there are some guesses. First, frequently leaks made Mi 11T and Mi 11 Pro can be introduced.

Apart from these models that will be sold in Turkey, a new foldable phone model may also come from the company. It has been known for a long time that Xiaomi has developed another foldable phone other than the Mi Mix Fold, its first foldable device.

The company’s event sharing below also seems to point to a foldable device, although it is not certain. In this respect, on September 15, a new foldable phone, especially a vertically foldable model similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, can be seen.

Of course, Xiaomi may have other surprises within the scope of the event. In other words, models such as wearable products, smart home products and scooters can also be introduced.


There may also be announcements about the electric car, which is the star of the Xiaomi event.

Xiaomi is developing an electric car for those who don’t know. The company has been working on this for a long time. Xiaomi’s Founder, President, and CEO, Lei Jun, has been holding talks with other automakers in China for a long time, and tours their production facilities.

It is known that the CEO has visited the headquarters and production lines of manufacturers such as SAIC, BYD, Great Wall and Wuling. Making serious purchases for its first electric car, Xiaomi, as far as we know, will surprisingly produce the first model from scratch.

This is a really important and risky move. In this context, it seems possible that Xiaomi will show a design (in the computer environment) for the first vehicle within the scope of the September 15 announcements. If this is true, it will make serious noise.

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