Xiaomi unveiled its 2021 model OLED TVs; here are the details

One of the largest companies in the technology world with its product range xiaomi, Along with the Mi Mix 4 and Mi Pad 5 series, it also introduced its new OLED TVs.

The company’s first high-end OLED TV model arrived last year. Mi TV Master Series OLED TV had happened. Now we have the very ambitious OLED V21.

Just 77 inches in size OLED panel The television, which offers deep blacks and vivid colors, is built on a stylish design with thin frames. Harmon Kardon With its signature 70W sound system, the sound quality is as high as the picture. OLED V21Fortunately, it also carries Nvidia’s G-SYNC support.

Offering a 120 Hz refresh rate on the OLED panel OLED V21Required for HDR collaboration with high speed HDMI 2.1 Fully compatible with new generation game consoles with its 2 ports (2x), VRR and ALLM support. It even has Xbox certification for the TV that offers 1,000 nits of brightness. The price of the model is specific to the exit campaign. 2.240 euros level.

By the way from Xiaomi 658 euros and 922 euros have prices 55 inch with 65 inches in size Mi TV 6 OLED TV‘s came too. Budget-friendly models have standard features specific to more normal use. Products that offer 800-bit brightness seem to have HDR support, but not a 120 Hz panel.


Xiaomi Mi OLED TV 2021 Like the Master Series OLED TV, it was a very powerful model.

Mi TV Master Series OLED TV, only 65 inches in size 120Hz refresh rate owner 10-bit 4K OLED was installed on the panel.

New generation game consoles that offer 120 Hz gaming pleasure thanks to its 120 Hz panel (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X) that are fully compatible with and of course HDMI 2.1 The television carrying the port of the game also actively supported the important Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) on the game side.

It also has a special game mode smart television, Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos comes with, HDR10+ offers support and one.to 000 nits brightness could get out.

This model is abroad $1,840It was taken to the shelves from the market, and then there were serious discounts in the price.

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