XPG breaks first record overclocking DDR5 RAMs

One of the leading names in the hardware market XPG, broke the first overclocking record for DDR5 RAMs. Here’s what you need to know;

DDR5 RAM‘s will gradually begin to enter our lives and the area has already started to host records. recently made a statement XPGunit that performs overclocking experiments XPG Overclocking Lab‘of (XOCL), company’s next generation DDR5 memories 8188MT/s (megatransfer / second) announced that it managed to run at speed.

XPG, as it is said with this success He also set the first speed record in the field.. Thus, XPG, technical knowledge in memory module manufacturing and DDR5 He also proved his ability to use the full potential of memories. The default clock speed of the DDR5 memory used in the record attempt is according to the company’s statement. 4800MT/s was at the level.

DDR5 RAM One of the names that came to the agenda recently on the subject is with the following post. Corsair had happened. The company is here VENGEANCE DDR5 RAM a look at the kit had thrown.


XPG looks ambitious about DDR5 RAM

Founded in 2018 with the goal of pushing memory performances to their limits, XOCL has grown over the past years, according to the company. Also with DDR4 memory He broke many speed records. DDR4 memory also meets the needs of many people.

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